Healthcare Whitepaper Part 3: Supply Chain

Last week’s post discussed Quality. This week we discuss the importance of a strong Supply Chain.


A true contract packaging partner will understand your market space and will have developed trusted partnerships all along the supply chain. From healthcare to cosmetics, Multi-Pack Solutions’ track record of success covers a broad range of industries.

As consolidations and brand ownership changes continue in the OTC and pharmaceutical industry, contract manufacturers and packagers are becoming knowledge bases. A supplier with proficiencies perfected from working with other Medical Device manufacturers or OTC pharmaceuticals can be a valuable resource for you.

If yours is a virtual company with no manufacturing or R&D capabilities, or you are a buyer new to your marketplace, you will want to look for a contract packaging partner who insists on a deep dive into information about the application and specifications of your product to guide you toward the best fit for use. The best partner will be upfront about what they are and are not capable of doing and will make suggestions for the benefit of both parties, the product, and the consumer.

Multi-Pack Solutions has substantial expertise in OTC manufacturing and contract packaging to meet the high standards of global pharmaceutical companies, helping customers make critical decisions on everything from packaging containers to POP displays. The company’s exhaustive list of supply chain partners gives customers access to a broad range of primary and secondary packaging options, along with valuable sales and marketing advice.

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