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Sachets and Single Packs

4 Considerations to a Successful Sachet & Single-Pack Product Launch

Seek Customized Solutions

Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, make sure that your contract packaging partner steers you into a customized solution that’s based on your type of product, such as custom pouch size, fill weight and fabric type.

Use Design of Experiment (DOE) Testing for Multiple Solutions

To make sure your end product is compatible with your materials, thorough testing of multiple solutions is required to minimize risk and find the perfect combination. DOE testing includes stability testing and chemical and microbiology capabilities.

Design Specific to the Application

Sachets or single packs can be placed into folding cartons, POP displays or simply bulk-packed. Options include packing lotions, gels, creams, swab-sticks and solid unit dose, as wells as coupaks and neck-hangers.

Demand Quality

Choose a sachet partner who provides top-quality systems such as USP purified water, fully traceable product materials, accelerated and long-term stability testing and package integrity studies.

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