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5 Considerations for a Successful Bottle Product Launch

Start with the End User

Customize your bottle shape, size and material to how your end user will handle the product. Will it sit on a shelf? Will it have a flip cap or pump? Does it need child protection?

Know Your Dispensing Mechanisms

Do you understand the ins and outs (and pros and cons) of sprays, pumps, flip caps, open-orifice bottles, misters and foamers?

To Seal or Not to Seal

Depending upon your product and end user requirements, you may or may not require a seal. Know the ins and outs, and proper applications, of seal implementation.

Get More from Your Labels

There are many ways to present your brand: front labels, back labels, wraparound labels, booklet labels, even screen printing and shrink sleeves. Find the one that’s right for you.

Choose the Best Form Factor for Your Brand

Is a glass jar or a vial a better delivery mechanism for your brand? And how about glass bottles vs. plastic bottles? Know what each option can do for you, keeping in mind the importance of compatibility between your product and the container.

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