Tube Filling

6 Considerations for a Successful Tube Product Launch


Create an effective go-to-market strategy

Successful product launches start with understanding your customer and end-user needs, then having the flexibility to design your packaging, graphics, and distribution around them.


Choose your dispensing system wisely

From flip cap to flat cap, and ribbed to smooth, know the pros and cons of different opening systems.


Design around your needs

Do you want curvatures and patterns in your seal? Do you require expiration dating? Make sure your tube design fits your needs, not your contract packager’s needs.


Know your timing requirements

If you’re considering custom tube properties — which most brands are — make sure that your contract packaging supplier has access to the proper materials, tube sizes, and types of caps, along with lead time structures.


Plan your flowability

Product viscosity and tube orifice must work seamlessly together to please the customer and give your brand the customer experience it deserves.


To seal or not to seal

Depending upon your product and end-user requirements, you may or may not require a seal. Know the ins and outs, and proper applications, of seal implementation.

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