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Sachets & Single Packs

With Multi-Pack Solutions’ 20+ full-service sachet and single-pack lines and a commitment to quality, you can be confident of product integrity, trouble-free logistics and regulatory compliance. We offer unmatched flexibility to produce sachets and single packs with fill weights tailored to your precise product needs.

Sachets can be filled with liquids, tablets, swabsticks and solid dose, and towelettes. They are available in singles, duos, and trios, in a broad range of sizes. Additional capabilities include directional pour spout, child-resistant packaging options, magazine compliance, and many others.

Capabilities include:

  • Custom sizes and compatibility assurance
  • Lotions, gels, creams, including sunscreens, personal lubricants, toothpastes, and topicals
  • Swabsticks
  • Solid and unit dose packaging, including tablets, pills, capsules
  • Towelettes and individually-wrapped wipes
  • Pour spouts, magazine compliance, sampling and coupons, child resistance
  • High-speed production lines
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