Bottle Filling You Can Trust

bottle filling

Multi-Pack Solutions’ bottle filling process ensures clean, accurate results every time. Whether your products require glass bottles, plastic bottles, vials or jars, any type of liquid can be filled: from aqueous solutions to viscous non-water-based products. We can even deliver small packaging for TSA compliance.

We offer liquid filling for OTC, personal care and pharmaceuticals— creams, lotions, skin and hair care products—as well as liquid household cleaners and antibacterial products. And we service a variety of components including bottles, vial bottles and jars at our quality-assured filling lines:

  • 0.25 ounces to 1 gallon
  • TSA-compliant packaging
  • Glass or plastic bottles, vials and jars
  • Multiple closure types, including sprayers and misters
  • Front-back labels, wraparound labels
  • Shrink bands
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