Our Quality Team is YOUR Quality Team

Our Greenville, South Carolina Quality Team ensures that our customers can rely on consistently high quality in our sachet, bottle, and tube products. This team is made up of over 20 full-time staff with more than 220 years of combined experience in quality roles. This depth of experience is necessary to support our high-quality standards across a diverse product portfolio, and also to enable our FDA registration for drugs and medical devices.

Of course, maintaining these standards requires a number of quality roles and functions. At Multi-Pack Solutions, our Quality Team includes:

  • Quality Assurance: Designs and provides training to ensure all staff understand and follow regulatory and customer quality standards. Maintains documentation verifying this training, and provides this documentation to customers and regulatory entities as requested.
  • Quality Engineering: Verifies production and quality equipment is calibrated and capable of performing to quality standards. Implements continuous improvement activities.
  • Quality Control: Regularly inspects products during and after manufacturing to verify quality standards are being met.
  • Chemistry and Micro Laboratory: Support quality teams with testing services as required. Provides a variety of on-site quality testing services to customers.

You can learn more about our product capabilities. If you are ready to let us help you get quality products to market, contact us directly.

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