How The Multi-Pack Solutions Team Supports Your Product Launch

Our product launch team has the experience and tools to help you navigate the complicated world of manufacturing. As a product or brand manager, you may know what product your customers want. But do you know everything needed to actually make that product? Whether your project involves tube filling, bottle filling, or sachets and single packs, there are many details that must be considered to successfully manufacture your product.

At Multi-Pack Solutions, we know what these details are, and we have decades of experience helping customers like you manage them. While you work directly with one of our Account Managers, we will have many teams working behind the scenes to prepare your product for a successful launch. Your Multi-Pack Solutions teams will include:

Account Manager

  • Your main point of contact. Having one contact makes your work simpler.
  • Experienced with your specific product type.
  • Familiar with all Multi-Pack Solutions capabilities, making it easy for you to launch and manage products across our facilities and format offerings.

Project Manager

  • Coordinates all internal resources needed to complete your product launch.
  • Experienced in launching your specific product type.
  • Anticipates and resolves issues with your product launch.

Quality Team

  • Reviews materials used in your project, helping to avoid quality issues.
  • Creates procedures tailored to your product, ensuring proper handling, manufacture, and equipment cleaning.
  • Can test and verify the quality of your product and packaging.

Engineering Team

  • Designs the manufacturing process for your product, helping achieve efficiency, quality, and consistency.
  • Many years of combined knowledge helps you avoid and resolve production concerns.

Supply Chain Team

  • Works with many vendors to obtain the materials and packaging you need for a successful launch.
  • Leverages the expertise of our vendors to help your product performs like your customers expect.

Production Team

  • Experienced supervisors and production employees know how to manufacture your product type efficiently and with high quality.

When you work with Multi-Pack Solutions, these are the teams working alongside you. We know how to help you successfully launch your product and satisfy your customers. If you are ready to take advantage of our expertise regarding your tube fillingbottle filling, or sachet product launch, contact us via this form.

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