Trends in Health & Beauty Aid Packaging

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5 Trends in Health & Beauty Aid Packaging to Know in 2023

This week’s blog follows last week’s topic of industry innovation, this time with a focus on health and beauty packaging and the trends we might see over the coming years. As seen in our first blog, brands can benefit by adapting to the various and constant changes in consumer habits and demand. Which leads to the question: What is trending in health and beauty packaging? We invite you to take a look at the article below regarding trends across beauty categories, and where the wet wipes market, in particular, might be headed.

The wipes market continues to grow as a result of ongoing innovation in facial skin care and new launches in hair care, according to a recent article by Deanna Utroske, with one industry expert advising companies that make wipes to “think outside the box”.

The information in this article was gathered from a speech presented by Vito Cataldo, the North America marketing manager for personal care at Lonza. Vito believes that insights and trends from the multifunction skin care category will ultimately transfer over to wipes, and facial wipes are clearly evolving past the basic makeup remover category. This article states, “The global skin care market is growing annually at about 6%. But, the facial cleaning wipe market is expected to grow by 10% annually over the coming years.” This is exciting for brands working to gain market share in this category; most brands have products in their line that can transition to the wipe format. Vito provides five personal care trends brands should consider:

1. Age-Management

Age-management has become a popular category in the personal care industry. Advancements in anti-aging creams have seen a large growth rate as well as new product formulations for reducing dark facial blemishes from hyperpigmentation (when patches of skin become darker due to an excess of melanin). This is an example of a product that has the potential to easily transition to the wipes format.

2. Anti-Pollution and UV Protection

UV protection products have seen various forms of innovative packaging over the years. Today, sunscreen products are produced in tubes, bottles, aerosols, and now wipes.

3. Naturals

The ‘Green’ movement has impacted personal care products in both formulation and packaging. Many consumers now want to use products that are naturally derived. This is a trend that is expected to keep growing, and which is reflected in ingredients, packaging, and even wipe fabrics.

4. “Appearance Conscious [or the] Pressure to Look One’s Best”

This trend may seem obvious in personal care products, but the value of product convenience should not be overlooked when it comes to helping a consumer achieve their beauty goals. Brands can benefit by offering the same performance claims but in a one-step, and often convenient and portable, disposable wipe.

5. Customization

Brands are using product features that allow the consumer to personalize their product. For example, dual component beauty applications that allow the consumer to choose several combinations of the two components, and might allow the user a more technical hands-on experience.

Key Takeaways

These five trends in health and beauty packaging could lead to new and innovative wipe products that could supplement or even replace existing skin care regiments, giving brands have opportunity to take advantage of the 10% annual growth rate in the facial cleaning wipe market. First movers that think outside the box will see great value in the combination of personal care products and wet wipes.

What trends are you seeing in Health and Beauty Aids (HBAs) and wet wipes? Post your comments and contact us with your ideas. Also read: How The Multi-Pack Solutions Team Supports Your Product Launch


What are some current trends in health and beauty packaging?

Some current trends include sustainable packaging, eco-friendly materials, minimalist designs, recyclable options, and customizable packaging. 

How is the wet wipes market evolving in the health and beauty industry?

The wet wipes market is growing due to ongoing innovation in facial skin care and new launches in hair care. It is expanding beyond basic makeup remover wipes, and trends from multifunction skin care are influencing the development of new wipe products. 

What personal care trends should brands consider in the health and beauty packaging industry?

Brands should consider trends like age-management, anti-pollution and UV protection, naturals and green formulations, appearance-consciousness, and customization to cater to consumer preferences and convenience. 

Why is sustainability important in health and beauty packaging?

Sustainability is crucial because it addresses environmental concerns and consumer preferences. Using sustainable packaging materials and designs helps reduce waste and supports the growing demand for eco-friendly products. 

How can brands benefit from the growth in the facial cleaning wipe market?

Brands can take advantage of the 10% annual growth rate in the facial cleaning wipe market by developing innovative wipe products that supplement or replace existing skincare regimens. This presents an opportunity for brands to capture market share and cater to consumer preferences for convenience and performance. 

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